Wednesday, March 14, 2012

'Biever' Fever...

Someone in my house has the Bieber Fever, and no, it's not Mason. Last year, when we were looking for birthday supplies, when she came across Justin Bieber plates/cups/napkins/invitations etc. and asked me "When will I be old enough to have a Justin Biever party?"
[Keep in mind, that she calls him Justin Biever, not Bieber... Refuses to add the 'b']
To which I thought for a nano-second, and replied with "Well, probably on your 13th birthday you'll be old enough to have a Justin Bieber party" [smooth aren't I?] She accepted the answer without argument.

I can honestly say, I'm just not 100% sure where this fascination about him came from. She's watched Treehouse until just recently [another big score for Mum] But she talks about him, and she indeed likes him. In September I broke down and bought her this t-shirt:

Yes. It's her very favourite, the only t-shirt she actually requests on a regular basis. [I refused to buy a t-shirt with his name and face all over it, which she had seen and BEGGED me to buy] I know, mean Mum, but come on, she's 6 years old. So when I saw the one above, I gave in.

I rented the Never Say Never movie in November/December, and she watched it over and over and over and over... In fact, she liked it so much I bought her a copy of it for Christmas.

This year, Barry took the kids to Chapters one night, and let the kids pick out books to give each other for Christmas. Mason picked out this book:

It came with a 3-D poster, which is on the back of her bedroom door. Again, her mean-old Mum wouldn't let her put it up on her wall.

She also drew a picture and used some stickers to put on the front of her door.

A couple of weeks ago, I picked Mad up from a birthday party, and we just quickly ducked into Shoppers Drug Mart. As we entered the store, we saw the Beebs, in life size... Madelyn was absolutely smitten. She asked if I would take a picture of her with Justin. [Truly, it didn't matter that he was made out of cardboard, she got a picture with Justin Beiver...]

Now, coming back to this past weekend. Barry and I were tucking the kids into bed, and he picked up her Justin Bieber book, and as he did so, a little note slipped out...

She was terribly embarrassed and didn't want us to see, until Barry told her she did a great job on her letter, and we could actually send the note to Justin. Then she was all ears... So to get back to the point of this blog, we're still very into Justin Biever around here, and she has just sent a letter to his fan club address.

[She told us that "He's older than I am and I know it's un-appropriate for me to be his girlfriend"]

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