Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpy-kin Carving

8 kids.
5 adults.
12 pumpy-kins to be carved...

This year we didn't host our annual adult and kids Halloween parties. The guilt factor worked it's way in and I hosted a pumpkin carving party instead. Low key. We picked up pizza for the kids, adults had a few snacks, we carved pumpkins and then we ate. [I tried this for the adults, it was easy-peasy and we were not disappointed] And Stephanie was gracious enough to bring a dessert, which was heavenly... Thanks friend.

I was most impressed with how the kids all took to cutting open their pumpkins, emptying their guts and cutting out faces. I was even more impressed that all the kids but mine, did this... I also had to laugh when Gabrielle asked Mason 'are you sure you're a boy?' Because he didn't want to pull the seeds out of the pumpkin. It is pretty slimy and gross. I have to admit, the idea of giving a sharp cutting tools to my kids, does seem slightly foreign to me. [I still sit outside the bathroom when they're in the tub for heaven's sake...] But after watching the other kids, we handed Mason the tools he needed. I was also shocked at how much effort the kids put into their designs. The kids went through templates, and picked the ones they wanted to do. Miss Madelyn wanted her pumpkin to look like Jack Skellington, no surprise there. From out of nowhere, Mason wanted his pumpkin to be the Calgary Flames logo. Alecia, Austin and Gabrielle, all did pumpkins that were very detailed, and they turned out great. [Alecia did the ghost, Austin did the owl, and Gabrielle did the Frankenstein though he didn't show up great in the picture below]

The kids had a great time. [I didn't have to plan any games or crafts] The noise steadily escalated, and then everyone headed home. It was a great night. Who knows, maybe we'll do an annual pumpkin carving for the kids from now on? I'm undecided.

I never got around to carving my pumpkin, that night, or the next. So I have a pumpkin sitting in the kitchen. I think I might attempt to bake/cook/roast it and make my very own pumpkin puree. Then I can make delicious muffins my kids won't eat...

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