Thursday, September 1, 2011

We Did It!

We made it through the first day of school. What a relief. It seemed like utter chaos. I can't for the life of me understand why they can't just let the Mum's and Dad's have this morning, to see their kids start school. But we got shoo-ed out, like a bunch of cattle. Boohoo, so that means absolutely not one single picture of the kids in the school. Plus, this was the first time we had 2 kids going in 2 separate doors, at the exact same time. We had to split up. [I'm very lucky that Barry has been able to come with us, to the first day of school, every first day of school] I know Mason knows what's happening like an old pro, but why Madelyn suddenly seems like a toddler to me, is beyond all reason...

I got up bright and early this morning, to make two lunches... ;-) That's right, two... Of course there were some special first day of school things for each of them.

I wanted them to both know I was thinking about them of course!

I attached a wee little baggie of smarties for each of them. The shocker was, Mason's came back all finished, and hers didn't! [It might have had something to do with the little note I slipped in her lunch reminding her to eat her healthy things first!]

Ready to head to school. [You see, the photo shoot a couple of days ago didn't at all mean I wouldn't be taking pictures!]

They rode the bus home together after school. Miss Maddy was annoyed that they didn't ride it up to the school this morning. When she got off the bus, she was smiling ear to ear. She's also told everyone who asked that "Grade one is so AWESOME!" I certainly hope it will be.

My first assessment is that the class sizes are way to big... Scary big. I'm going to sit back and see how the next few weeks play out. They've made some changes I'm not crazy about. It's hard to let your kids go, and have absolutely no idea what's going on during their day. And the kids just don't seem to be that great at passing along information. For example, when I asked Madelyn who her teacher was, and I named all three, she wasn't able to give me a definitive answer...

There were no tears on my part. And I didn't break out the champagne... I thought it might be inappropriate on school property. I can't believe my baby is in school. Having said that, she seems so much littler than Mason was when he started Grade One. I guess that's because she's the last. She'll always seem younger than Mason. No matter what.

So we all move on, in this second stage, and feel our way, and figure things out.

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