Monday, January 22, 2018

PL2017 is finished!

I'm finished my 2017 album.

And it's only January 22nd.

[I've also nearly finished my 2017 December Daily album, which is exciting. I'm 95% done, just a couple final things to do. For some reason, those few final things, seem to take the longest. Will share my album here as soon as it's complete and in the FINISHED pile]

Here are November and December of my Project life album.

First off, November: 

  • Volunteering at the casino as a chip runner for our hockey association. I've never done chip runner before, but it was kind of cool. Would totally do that task again. 
  • Excited to pick M&D up from the airport after their Peru adventure. Of course there was a snow storm happening that very night.  [In fact, their flight out of LA was delayed several times] 
  • Loving the new scarf that I treated myself to last year. 
  • Loving the light on our morning walk. It was so pretty and it was chinooking. [Which is absolutely a word for Calgarians, in case you were wondering.]
  • Loving that I can text Mason during school and most times, he answers back. 
  • Mad's team was challenged by the coach to shoot 1,000 rings. It was a struggle, but she did complete the task. 
  • Some of Mason's most common hockey fans.

  •  Madelyn with the ring, heading for the net!
  • Puppy snuggles on the couch. 
  • Date night, Barry was feeling crummy on this night, with his 3rd cold since September. 
  • Putting up our tree in mid-November. It's early, but our calendar is crazy, and we wanted to fit it in and make a night out of it. 
  • Our hockey boy. Feeling a bit frustrated with the season so far. 
  • Celebrating Chris's birthday with burgers and cake of course. 

Finally, December:  

December was a busy month. Madelyn had two ringette tournaments, one out of town, one in town. Mason also had a tournament that was held during the week. [Mon-thur] We get an awful lot of mileage on cars, simply going to and from different rinks across town. [And across Alberta]

  • Vellum covered photo of a picture I'd included in my December Daily album. It was of Mad's tournament in Medicine Hat. All 14 girls were able to make it, and it was a really good weekend of bonding for the girls. [Which was good, because they lost every single game they played.]
  • First batch of Gingersnaps. 
  • Snapchat filters with Miss Madelyn.
  • Pre 'Spa Day' looking Libby.
  • My favourite Christmas display of lit of apothecary jars filled with winter scenes.
  • Weekend two of ringette tourney, where Madelyn came down with a nasty cold. [She lovingly passed it along to me as well]
  • Mace shovelling for a friend who is away for Christmas. [I spy our tent trailer nestled in the garage for the winter]
  • Table set for Christmas dinner.
  • I sent a Christmas card to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this year. I screen shot this photo that was on IG. However, the first week of January, I received an actual Christmas card from them! So exciting!
  • Too many sugar cookies were consumed this holiday season...
  • The full and relaxed atmosphere that we get to enjoy, after turkey dinner is finished. 
  • Books I read through 2017.
2017, that's a wrap!

Of course I'm planning on continuing on with 2018. I still adore this style of memory keeping. 

Keep your eyes open for my December Daily album, which will hopefully be posted here sooner rather than later.

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PM  Christmas Elements:
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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pinch Me!

I feel so lucky! My recent Hello 2018 layout was picked from the Lily Pad gallery and loaded here, onto this website! Check it out! How exciting!

Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year, New Layout

Decorations are down. Christmas tree is put away. My house is finally back to normal. The temperatures went from sub-zero [-31 degrees celsius on New Years Eve] to the last few days a high of +8. Snow is melting, the birds are singing. A new year lay ahead, I even re-did my blog header! It's needed a revamp for awhile. I thought I should have recent photos. After all, Mason is taller than I am and Madelyn is shooting up as well. 

Today, the kids are back to school. 

I'm not going to lie, this mornings 6:00 am alarm came as a shock, but man-oh-man, did we have a nice relaxing break. I LOVE that the kids were in school until the 21st. It's been awhile. It seems like the last few years they get that pre Christmas week off school [when let's be honest, we're all trying to buy and wrap last minute gifts, and it's just not convenient to have them at home] This year, I had my last shopping day on the 18th or 19th, wrapped gifts on the 20th. Wrapped last minute gifts on the 21st. Had my kids home for a few days, then it was Christmas. 


Then all that time, to just 'be' until heading back to school today.

I feel like we're all heading into the next few months, well rested. And the next few months are indeed going to be busy. The calendar says so...

In my last post, I shared December 2017 template freebie from Sahlin Studio. Slightly tardy, and for that I apologize. I promised I would share this months template freebie, with lots of time to spare, so as promised, here it is:

This template is a free download for the month of January. Download it here.

The photos I took were not great quality. It was dark when I took them [obviously, it was midnight after all] and in colour they have that creepy glow that screams WINTER. But we did have fun, and I knew I wanted to document our New Years spent together. I also knew, that this may very well be one of the last NYE's we celebrate as a four-some. My kids aren't going to want to ring in the new year with their parents forever...

It's a quick and easy page, with a some fun photos and some heartfelt journaling. I think my family is pretty awesome. 

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

December 2017 Template

Well, I kind of dropped the ball here. I forgot to post this layout using the Sahlin Studio template freebie for December 2017. Sorry about that.

Having said that, I promise I will have January's template here, in a timely manner. 

This quick layout was one I did of Madelyn and my niece from last Christmas. Every year they get together with their aunt. They shop, bake and decorate cookies, have a sleep over and usually go for brunch the next morning. I knew that wouldn't be happening this year. Since Madelyn is such a create of habit, I know she'd be missing that, so I wanted to create a layout, capturing last years fun. 

If you're wondering, we did indeed face time her Christmas Eve, we were all able to chat with her for a few minutes. So, SO amazed by technology we have at our fingertips. 

Template can be found by clicking here.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

PL2017 - October

For the month of October, I created a simple two page layout. This includes weeks 40 through 43.

A closer look at the left side: 

  • Lefsa making in preparation for thanksgiving and Christmas. 
  • My incredibly brave girl, who had to have an ultra sound done, on her eyeball. 
  • A glimpse of Peru, thanks to my Mum and Dad.
  • Date night at the pub with my honey.
  • Thanksgiving.

A look at the right side:

  • Impromptu photo I acquired of my boy during a school day.
  • Photo of my girl during school. 
  • Shot of Madelyn in the Engineering wing at the university. 
  • Girls night at a fashion show.
  • Halloween costume, pumpkins, sugar cookies and friends.

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Left side:

Gather Digital Stamps

Right side: 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

PL2017 - Weeks 38 & 39

I have been working on my December Daily album, but it has been slow going. I'm hoping to have some pages to share in the next few days. 

I don't know where the days in December go. Admittedly, we've been busy so far. We started the month off in a ringette tournament in Medicine Hat [Dec 1-3rd] We had another ringette tournament the next weekend as well. Thankfully this one, the Jingle Ring was held in Calgary [Dec 8-10th]. There's much to be said about sleeping in your own bed, and knowing with certainty the way to the rink. Mason was in a tournament last week too, the Christmas Clash. His tourney was played during the week, rather than on the weekend. This freed up our weekend, but we were at the rink Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. 

Today is my last day before the kids are home for Christmas vacation. We all get to rest up and turn off our 6 am alarm clock for the next few weeks. Today I'm going to wrap up a few presents, and make sure I have everything in order for Christmas. I feel pretty confident that I have finished my Christmas shopping. But there's always something that gets forgotten or is last minute. 

Yesterday and last night, we were under a snowfall warming. It snowed and snowed and snowed. Sometimes they're right with their weather predictions. We went from no snow to be found, to quite an impressive accumulation. It absolutely makes it feel more Christmas-y. That feeling has been missing. I think it's partly because we've been enjoying such nice weather. Today is all about coffee drinking, gift wrapping, maybe even cookie baking. I am even going to have the Christmas carols playing. Because NOW even if it didn't feel like Christmas, it certainly looks like Christmas. 

I've got to power through as well, and get my last few weeks of project life for 2017 finished up. 

For October and November, I'm just doing a 2 page monthly layout. Last year, I was a little behind, so I followed the same format then. I don't stress about what I have or have not done. I'm simply happy to get some stories and memories recorded. 

This project life album can be whatever you want it to be. There are no rules. 

With my December Daily album, the month is documented, but on a daily story-by-story basis. I haven't decided how I'll document my December in my project life album yet. And whatever I decide to do, I'm okay with. Remember what I said? There are no rules.  

Week 38:

  • High school hallways
  • Enjoying the scenery
  • Happy Anniversary photo
  • Our little hat girl. Always wearing a hat.
  • Our first miserable day in September.
  • Celebrating Barry's birthday.

Week 39:

  • The colours are spectacular right now, Nose Hill looks amazing. 
  • Found a woodshed in Jasper. 
  • Mum and I got last minute tickets to see The Sound of Music, our seats were AH-maz-ing. 
  • Jasper trip with Madelyn's Trex group. 
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Week 38

Photo Journal no.1 Templates :

For week 39, I used the following Paislee Press product:

4x6 templates - volume 6.
All the Feels 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

PL2017 - Week 37

Here is week 37 of my project life album. 

This week I used templates for all the photos. 

I actually love the clean look of it.

  • A certain grade 7 girl, just got her first phone, the look of delight. 
  • Morning walks with Libby. I've been walking to the bus with Mason in the mornings. 
  • Our home grown pumpkin. [it never turned orange, but it was super cute]
  • Bathroom 'before' photo.
  • Couch shenanigans.
  • Half day cheese biscuits. I get this request weekly.
  • Bus pick up.
  • Beets I tried to grow in the garden, note to self, start earlier next spring. 
  • Walk in the park with my guy. 

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