Friday, April 9, 2021

PL2021 - Week 10 | Sahlin Studio

Week 10 of my project life album, is using templates. 

Templates and quick pages happen to be the featured product on the Sahlin Studio website. All are on sale, for 40% off, through the entire month of April. There are soon many to choose from, go to this link here, and see for yourself. This is a fantastic deal!!

I chose Photo Journal No.3 templates and stamps, to use on this page.

I like that this allows me to journal directly onto the photo. I also love the simplicity that these templates offer. I didn't even add any other embellishments to this page. I let the templates do all the talking. 

  • This is what parent teacher interviews look like [still] during a pandemic.
  • Madelyn met some friends at Peter's for a milkshake. 
  • My Dad, who has worked tirelessly, refinishing our kitchen cupboards. Such a big messy job. 
  • Enjoying a morning coffee outside.
  • Patio bevies with our friends. First time we've seen them in person, since August.
  • A trip to Ikea ended up being a family affair. And a fun one at that.

The following Sahlin Studio products were used:

Monday, April 5, 2021

April Template Freebie | Sahlin Studio

The start of a new month, means that Sahlin Studio is releasing a new template freebie. 

Here's this months free template, you can download it here

Well people, we're a year into this pandemic. 

I still can't quite believe it. 

Last year, when we first went into lockdown, and we were home, ALL THE TIME, we created a music playlist. All four of us picked out about 15 of our favourite songs, and then they were all amalgamated. Over the past year, we have listened to this playlist a lot. We listened to it while we played games.  We listened to it when we sat out on the patio. We listened to it when we played darts and foosball in the basement. Some of these songs will bring me back to our time together. 

I thought a really cool idea, would be to document the playlist we listened to so much. The one we ended up calling, wait for it... Corona-Time... 

I wasn't sure exactly how to do it. At first I thought I could just list the song and the artist. But that seemed a little bit boring. In the end, I went through our list, took a screen shot of each songs [album cover] and then, took screen shots of my camera roll. 

It worked out really well, and here's what I came up with, using this months template freebie.

digital scrapbooking layout created by candy featuring April 2021 FREE Template by Sahlin Studio

In amongst all the uncertainty that the coronavirus brought us, there were some really great moments as well. 

For one, I will always be grateful for the time together we spent as a family. The game nights, tv show binging, putting together puzzles, pub night in the basement, movie marathons and hanging out on our patio under our bug lights.

The pandemic came at a time, when let's face it, teenage kids, would rather be hanging out with friends, than with Mum and Dad. We were forced to be together, and to be honest, it was a time that I will always cherish. 

Having said that, we are now one year in. Variant numbers are rising shockingly fast, a number of places in Ontario are back on lockdown. This is our second Easter weekend as a foursome. Last year I wouldn't have believed it was possible. To miss easter, thanksgiving, Christmas and then easter again with family. 

I certainly hope I'm not saying the same thing next year. 

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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Here & Now | Sahin Designs

Here & Now is the brand new collection from Sahin Designs. 
Here & Now Digital Scrapbook Collection - Sahin Designs
On sale for 20% off through midnight on April 4th, 2021. As a newsletter subscriber, watch your inbox for a link to download the entire bundle for 50% off through April 4th. 

Our days are getting longer. Some days feel as though they're getting warmer, until the arctic wind starts to blow that is.  

We've had some CRAZY windy days recently. The kind of wind that is a bit hard to take.

But we always know spring is upon us, when little miss wants to sit outside in the sun. 

Patio furniture is not out quite yet, but she's relentless in her quest for sitting in the sun. 

I created this layout using Sahin Designs newly released product. 

Spring is such a hopeful time. The birds are busy and plentiful. It's so nice to hear the chirps after a long cold winter.

Looking forward to the warm and sunny days to come.  

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Friday, April 2, 2021

PL2021 - Week 9 | Sahlin Studio

Here is week 9 of my project life album. 

The weather has ebbed and flowed. We know there are warm days ahead. It's all good. 

  • Walking to Prince's Island. Glimpses of spring are so awesome. 
  • Libby and Madelyn snuggling. It's not as common as you'd think.
  • Enjoying the birds in the back yard.
  • Car rides with Miss Libby.
  • Madelyn got to the tube park at COP with her Trex group.

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

For Real - J. Cards:

For Real - Elements:

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Ups & Downs | Sahin Designs

This past year has been something. 

I was terribly optimistic thinking that a global pandemic would be something that our modern world could easily deal with. 

That way of thinking certainly was thwarted. And quickly. 

We've now been in this for a whole year. We've seen the worst and the best in people. Thankfully we're past the hoarding [fingers crossed that doesn't rear it's ugly head again] We seem to have plenty of toilet paper to choose from. Baking supplies and dried goods can once again be found on shelves, quite plentifully. 

Wearing masks has become second nature. Who would have thought we'd have so many to choose from. 

It's been a long, hard year. Showing us, that we can indeed do hard things. 

But I'm really ready for it to be over. Like so many others. Thankfully, with several vaccines being produced, for the first time in a year, we can see a glimmer of hope that this will end. 

None of this has been easy. We're still taking things one day at a time. For March's Sahin Design Creative team, I created this layout. A dose of reality.  

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Friday, March 19, 2021

PL2021 - Week 7 | Sahlin Studio

Feel like I'm in the groove of this new project life format. It's actually been fun to do something a little bit different. 

So far this year, I've focused more on words than photos. 

I don't hate the direction it's taking. 

Here is week 7:

  • Anticipated vaccine roll-outs. We're hopeful and optimistic and realistically wondering exactly how long it will actually take...
  • More snow.
  • Little dog with her first ever bone. 
  • Cringing while watching the Calgary Flames get walloped.
The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Classic PM elements -

Classic PM J. Cards -

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

PL2021 - Week 6 | Sahlin Studio

Down the Lane is March's featured product, and it's what I used for Week 6 of my project life album.  

If you choose to download the bundle, anytime through the the month of March, you can get it for 40% off. 


You could choose individual products, they're on sale for 35% off individually.   

down the lane: BUNDLE by sahlin studio

Here's my page using Down the Line: 

  • Don't care for the words weather alert, or polar vortex... This one lasted about 10 days in total. 
  • Little Miss Libby, is confined to the kitchen, with her sore leg. She's not happy.
  • There she goes... My little car has never liked the cold. We found out the plug for the block heater was totally corroded, so that was problem number one. 
  • Barry and the kids went for an outdoor skate once temps warmed up a bit. 
  • A certain someone just got her learners license! First try! So proud of her.  

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 


Down the Line Elements -

Down the line J. Cards -

Down the Line buttons -